Target Pay and Benefits


Target is a place where it is giving a value to individuals who come together as a team to serve the guests. It is offering a wide range of pay and benefits to help you and your family and to support your health and financial well-being. Based on your position at, average hours, and time with Target, you can able to enjoy all available benefits.

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In addition to these, it offers several types of retirement plans and other welfare benefits. Target Pay and Benefits providing other defined pension plans and retirement plans. Through online portal, eligible candidates can get all benefits such as Target Benefits and more well-being offerings & discounts.

In the retirement and financial benefits, you can able to find the benefits of 401 (k) plan, defined benefit pension plan, profit sharing, stock bonus, and defined contribution pension plan. Under Target Benefits, you can get access to health wellbeing, financial well-being, and pay and time off.

Health Well-being

Target is offering for its employees various kinds of health well-being benefits such as vision, account-based medical plans, health care flexible spending account, Grand Rounds - Find a Doctor and get expert medical advice, team member life resources, Rx Savings solutions - Save on prescription costs, Livongo Disease Management program, BridgeHealth, Well being rewards through Rally, Flu shots, Maternity support program, and NurseLine. 

Account Based Medical Plans of Targetpayandbenefits

Target Pay and Benefits offers two national account based medical plans which are administrated through UnitedHealthCare and two regional plans offered in chosen states. You can select between the Health Reimbursement Plan or the Health Savings account. Both of these plans will include a benefit of pharmacy which provides you coverage for your medications such as brand, generic, and speciality drugs. 


If you're enrolled or registered in UnitedHealthCare, you will be automatically recovered from your eye issues through the vision exam plan. If you want to wear glasses or contact lenses, you can apply for vision eyewear plan which covers the cost of glasses or contact lenses purchased from an in-network provider. 


The company is offering dental coverage for its employees that is administrated by Delta Dental. You can find three plans such as basic, standard, and enhanced. These plans providing 100 percent coverage for your preventive care services and pay a percentage of eligible expenses up to a plan year maximum and depending on the type of service. 

HealthCare Flexible Spending Amount

You need to determine on how much you want to set aside to help pay for eligible medical, vision, and dental expenses. There is no need to be enrolled in a Target sponsored medical plan to enroll in the HealthCare FSA. 

Team Member Life Resources

You and your family members can easily get confidential counseling, support, and information through TMLR 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is also providing resources for a wide variety of topics like dealing with stress, managing money, and developing a health dinner menu. 

Grand Rounds

You can make use of Grand Rounds which is a free service. It is very helpful when you would like to find a doctor or have an existing diagnosis or treatment. 

Livongo Disease Management Program

If you've a type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you can find a Livongo Disease Management Program which 
really offering free supplies, tools, and personalized support to help you manage your condition. 

Rx Savings Solution - Save on Prescription Costs

This program is designed to help you save money on prescriptions through personalised suggestions such as dosage form, therapeutic alternatives, price shopping, or tablet splitting. 

Well-Being Rewards through Rally

By engaging with Rally service, you and your enrolled spouse or domestic partner can earn account dollars to pay for healthcare expenses. If you're not enrolled in a, you can earn virtual Rally coins and win prizes.

Maternity Support Program

Through the maternity support program, you can able to access an experienced nurse on behalf of a Target Medical Plan. 

Financial Well-Being

This Target Financial Well-Being will help you and your family in order to make financial decisions today and for the future. Available benefits included TGT 401 (K), pension, Daycare flexible spending account, identity theft protection, Direct Deposit, Life Insurance, short term and long-term disability, and Group legal. 

TGT 401 (K) Plan of Target Pay And Benefits

Target 401 (K) plan matches your contributions dollar for dollar up to 5% of eligible pay. The eligible candidates should have the age of 18 years and have completed 1000 hours of service. New team members can roll over prior 401 (k) balances at date of hire even before the eligibility of Target's plan begins. Tax-deferred execution team savings plan lets to choose team members in order to save beyond their 401 (k) limit. Team members who are meeting working hours and minimum service requirements who were hired prior to 2009 will be eligible to get pension plan benefits. 

Daycare Flexible Spending Amount

You can save tax dollars from each paycheck to pay for qualifying service or daycare incurred while at the work. By using your bank account or Target Credit Union account or pay card, you can receive your pay electronically. It makes easier to enroll in direct deposit through eHR or inside TargetPay andBenefits. 

Life Insurance - Targetpayandbenefits

It helps to protect your family members when you've faced financial loss in the event of a death. You may purchase additional life insurance plans for up to eight times your annual pay and life insurance for your spouse or domestic partner and eligible children. 

Short term and Long-term Disability

Under TargetPayandBenefits scheme, employees can able to find disability insurance which has been designed to provide a percentage of pay if you can't work because you're sick or injured. In the short-term disability, you are automatically enrolled for this benefits and it is paid for by Target. Whereas long-term disability insurance started over 150 calendar days of an approved and qualified short-term disability. According to the age and current salary, you will be automatically enrolled in the benefit and premiums for the coverage are paid by deductions from your paycheck. 

Critical Illness, Accident, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Through this insurance plan, you can get protection by providing funds to help pay medical and non-medical expenses and other unplanned costs. If you've enrolled in one of these programs like critical illness or accident or hospital indemnity insurance plans, you will be eligible to get the money directly that you can use to help in whatever way is needed. 

Identity Theft Protection

If your identity is compromised, you can this insurance plan to get peace of mind. That means, it provides many features at a lower rate than you would find on your own.

Group Legal

In the group legal plan, you can able to get a wide range of services offered such as debt related matters, real estate, identity theft protection, traffic and criminal, and personal injury. 

Pay and Time Off

Pay and time off benefits will be provided to support your wellness goals outside of the workplace. 


The company is offering a pay for performance culture and market competitive in order to ensure recruitment and retention of high performing, engaged, and diverse teams. Along with the competitive base pay, it is providing variable pay programs to eligible team members to reward for both corporate and individual performance. 


Target's comprehensive time-off plan allows to take time to enjoy activities and interests outside of work that support your well being. The time-off benefits included personal holiday, national holidays, vacation, well-being time, and bereavement. Here, make a note that the eligible candidates get extra paid time-off to complete well-being activities. 

Parental Leave

On behalf of a comprehensive time off plan, you can able to get parent leave service when you're birthing to kids, parents who are adopting, parents via surrogacy, or foster parents. You can also get access to the checklist offered by the company that included the contact information and tips to consider your baby, during a leave, and after you return to work. If you're working as an hourly team member at Target, your benefits will be reviewed each year before beginning of a new benefit plan year. By using the previous 12 months, average hours will be calculated. To get to see your average pay and benefits, you can go to Pay and benefits on eHR or insideTGT and click on MyPay and view pay statement. 

More Well-Being Offers and Discounts

TargetPayand Benefits is offering you more discounts and well-being offers which are very easier to access and designed to inspire and support you and your family members. 

Team Member Life Resources

Under this scheme, you can able to get free confidential counselling, support, and information through TMLR 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is also facilitating various kinds of resources to manage your money, how to deal with stress, and developing a healthy dinner menu.


It supports the continuous learning process as you build skills for a life time. Accordingly, it is offering the benefits like tuition reimbursement, student loan refinancing, and GED reimbursement. Through tuition reimbursement, Target will help you to pay for job-related courses at an accredited technical school, college, or university. Based on the type of course on which you've enrolled, it will provide an annual reimbursement amount.
  • GED reimbursement plan
    In general, getting a traditional high diploma degree is not possible. But, it is providing the General Educational Developmental plan which is an equivalent to the high diploma degree. 
  • Student loan refinancing
    TargetPayandbenefits has been offered student loan refinancing which helps to avoid high interest, shorten the loan term, and simplify the monthly bill through consolidation. It allows numerous payment options in order to pay the costs, monthly payments, and payoff speed. 
  • Discounts
    Through more discounts, you can get savings which help for your financial and health well-being. 
  • Team member discount
    If you're working as an employee at, you and your spouse or domestic partner and other dependents will get 10% discount at all Target stores or 
  • Wellness discount
    In this program, you can save additional 20% discount on all fresh and frozen products and veggies and all simply balanced and C9 items at or all Target in-stores. 
  • My Discounts website
    As a team member of Target company, you will get special discounts and amazing offers from various places. My discounts website is providing discounts on cell phones, computers, clothing, fitness centers, vacation, child care, and more.
  • Savvy Money
    Most of the team members don't know whether their credit score is eligible to apply for a loan. In that case, they can get help from Target to earn personal best score and have access to best rates. You can make it true by using Savvy Money Financial well-being tool offered by Target Credit Union.
  • Fitness Discounts
    The company has partnered with various nationwide fitness centers in order to provide you discounts on enrollment fees and monthly dues.
  • WeightWatchers
    On behalf of Target pay and benefits, you and your spouse or domestic partner will get access to use WeightWatchers. Relevantly, you will be able to receive up to 50 percent of reimbursement on Weight Watchers meetings or online program. 
  • Commuter Benefit
    By enrolling in the commuter benefit program, you can pay for work-related commuting costs through before-tax payroll deductions. It can be used for regional rail, bus, subway or ferry, and parking at work or near public transportation place for your commute. 
  • Auto & Home Insurance Benefit
    With the auto and home insurance benefit program, you can able to get up to 15 percent off at several of the nation's leading insurance companies. 
  • Adoption reimbursement program Adoption reimbursement program provides for eligible team members and it will cover all fees including filing, application, or agency costs as well as court costs, immigration and translation fees. Well-being webinars 
  • You and your family will get well-being webinars on
    Child care discounts
    This discounts plan has been designed by the motive of providing primary child care and affordable back-up child care.